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Become a Male Stripper 2.0
Girls, Mone, Action, Fun - You can have it all

Male Stripper 2.0 - The brandnew complete online video course.
> earn thre-digit buzz in 10 minutes
> extra income of 1.000$/month after a short time
> even 1.000 $ per weekend and more are possible
> part time besides studing or full time job
> step-by-step video guide
> learn everything from scratch
> become a Male Stripper in 4 weeks

Online Training - Male Stripper 2.0

Congratulations - You have decided to change your life!

In 9 online video trainings plus 3 bonus trainings, you'll learn everything you need to know to become a Male Stripper in 4 weeks and to earn three-digit buzz in 10 minutes. Simply in addition to a full-time job or studies. You can easily reach 1.000 $ monthly income in a short amount of time. There are even 1.000 $ and more per weekend possible.

You can start right now! You have instant access to the course and your own member area. The course is about 4 weeks and every week you get new videos unlocked. You have full access to all videos and your member account for 8 weeks (24/7 access and unlimited video streaming). You will receive the login data directly after the purchase by e-mail and you can start. All trainings can be done at home - no special rooms needed.

You get my knowledge and my entire experience from now 16 years and over 4.000 shows directly 1 to 1 for
you. You save time, money, frustration and you will avoid many mistakes that I've made over the years. And these mistakes will cost your success. In this course you get exclusively proven practical knowledge, which I have been using for years more than successfully and which I have perfected again and again. So you can be sure to start 100% as a Male Stripper right from the start.

Course Elements - Video Trainings

1. Costumes & Equipment
Most requested costumes/ the bestsellers, assembling your wardrobe for minimal costs, where to buy - international shipping

2. Underwear
Sexy underwear that ladies really love (upper body & lower body), where to buy online

3. Party Locations
The most common party locations, the differences, challenges and what to consider

4. Creating a music set
How to create your music set, ready-made playlists, music and sound archives, how to cut & edit online (easy, no costs)

5. Dancing 1

dance routine/ dance moves (easy to learn), variations, how to undress sexy & elegant, no special rooms needed, start at home

6. Dancing 2

learn all about the "hot seat" (chair on which the birthday lady or bride sits), real female assistance, how to perform, items needed

7. Preparation

preparation before leaving to a show, prepare yourself and your dancing equipment, items needed, prepare your show music

8. The day of your show
Arrival, customer contact, show preparation, tipps for maximum success, what happens after your show/ departing

9. 10 biggest mistakes
The ten biggest mistakes you can make to ruin your business right from the start

+ 3 BONUS Videos

Bonus 1
Performance examples by Antonio, original footage from my shows, intro parts, dancing, undressing, real shows - real audience

Bonus 2
Tipps for your start, how to get shows and how to make money, how to get your own customers

Bonus 3

Your future way - now you are ready to go your own way, tipps, ideas & advices for your future success

Change your life and start with full success!

See you in the course.


PS: Right after you get your access data. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: cpmediaservice@gmail.com

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